Happy birthday

Happy birthday

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5 years is also the number of year of experiences, customer relations, improvements and progress. But 5 is above all the amount of beautiful years we had so far welcoming you every day in our prestigious hotel.

This anniversary represents a turning point in the history of the hotel. Indeed, it is far Van der Valk Luxembourg - Arlon the start of a new adventure highlighted by 5 sustainable facilities : 

  • Biogaz : thanks to our partnership with the Pastoret family (local farm) organic waste will be recovered and transformed to provide the entire hotel with energy. This green project is already under construction. 
  • Solar panels : our actual parking will be equipped with carports covered with solar panels. Perfect to charge electric vehicules !
  • 56 new rooms : to meet the needs of our guests, 56 new hotel rooms will be create. Family rooms but also adapted to groups for seminars or large-scale events !
  • Wellness & Fitness facilities : an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, hamman, jacuzzi, massage rooms... a genuine wellness center in the region.
  • City wave : an indoor pool equiped with the Citywave system (endless artificial waves) : the perfect place to surf. From beginners to professionals,the practice is guided, fun and unique in the region ! The facility will be accessible to all. 
  • 'Plant-based' restaurant : in line with the environment protection, the new restaurant will be based on vegetables and plants. 

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This innovative project in the Province of Luxembourg and BENELUX, is for us the miror of a sustainable future on both social/ economical and environmental points.