Functional training may seem strange and difficult to understand at first ight, but it is actually very easy to explain.

It simply consists of a set of movements which reproduce the gestures of everyday life and which transform familiar actions into a bodybuilding exercise.

By movements of everyday life, we mean lifting, pushing, climbing, pulling, etc. in infinite contexts. It is therefore not referring to the daily life of a sedentary 21st century person who spends his or her life sitting.

In our case, we are talking more about the daily life of the hunter-gatherer of many years ago, the ones who used all of their muscles to perform much more complex movements than lifting a load, with a single muscle in isolation.

Nowadays, it can also be active people who work their entire muscle chains on a daily basis, whether it is cleaning, moving loads, gardening, walking in real nature (not walking paths or urban parks) where to move forward you sometimes have to jump, hang on, climb, pull yourself up, etc.