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Sunday brunch

Following the latest measures from the Belgian government, our restaurant is closed. The Brunch is not available for the moment.



Sunday Brunch Day! 

What is included?

  • Welcome drink
  • One hot drink and fruits juice
  • Viennoiseries, different types of breads, butter, jam, deli meats, smoked salmon, cheese
  • 3 dishes to choose among :
    • Eggs (omelet, soft boiled, frittata, scrambled, hard boiled, poached)
    • 3 braised meats : beef, lamb, chicken with gravy sauce and mashed potatoes
    • Pastrami club sandwich
    • English plate (egg to choose)
    • Avocado toast
    • Benedict egg
    • Foccacia
    • Seasonal soup
    • Sabayon
    • Cake or pie of the day
    • Pancake / waffle with fruits, mapple syrup, whipped cream
    • Pancake / waffle
    • Crepe flambée and fruits
    • Vegetables cooked in oven
    • Fruits salad
    • Stuffed mushroom

Every Sunday from noon until 3:00 pm. 


  • Adults: €35 per person
  • Children (5-12 years): €14.50 per child


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Booking reccomended. 
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