our commitment

At Van der Valk Luxembourg, the sustainable development is at the heart of our priorities. That is why we implement actions each year to be adapted to your needs and needs of the planet.

Our actions for a sustainable management:

  • Since 2020 we have planted 1000 shrub and tree seedlings all around the hotel to improve CO2 absorption; Carbon storage by plants is one of the most effective way to fight against global warming.
  • Room key-cards are now in wood, that is more ecological and sustainable. Before we had plastic cards but because of the ecological and sustainable development we have wood cards now.
  • Our cleaning products and soaps are ecological and good for the environment. They are certified 100% ECO and 100% bio.  These products do not have bad and allergenic substances, that allows to preserve the environnement and the health of all people.
  • Room’s products are in large format and recharge, this allows waste of bottles and products, thus we limit our impact on environnement.
  • Restaurant and lobby carpet just been changed for sustainable carpet in corn and recycled materials. Carpets in recycled materials answers to ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 norms, they are softer and less attractive to dust mites and bacteria.
  • Bikes are at the disposal of clients and also charging stations for Tesla electric vehicles.

Moreover, we sensitize our staff to ecological practices and we take to heart sorting food and non-food waste. We commit ourselves to reduce our waste & garbage to limit the impact on air, water and ground.

Nature is precious, that is why we will continue to improve ourselves and always research new ecological and sustainable solutions to meet and protect the needs of our future generations.