Messancy Biometha

Energy autonomy remains at the heart of our company's priorities. It is therefore essential that our hotel and all related infrastructures are part of a sustainable development plan.

As part of our drive to energy autonomy, we recently opened our biogas unit next to the hotel. The installation of the Messancy Biométha biomethanisation unit enables us to transform organic waste into energy using the principle of methanisation. This is a process whereby agricultural organic matter is broken down by bacteria. The process produces biogas and digestate, which we can use to generate electricity, heat or both.

This process allows us to produce renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By recovering organic waste, we are moving towards a 100% self-sufficient renewable energy system for the hotel and its infrastructure.

To make this process possible, we are working with the Pastoret family from Sterpenich, who supply us with the necessary agricultural materials. Working with a family business like ours is a matter of course! Together, we're striving to promote short distribution channels and move towards a more sustainable future!

We're proud that the Van der Valk Luxembourg hotel is now completely self-sufficient in electricity!


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