A walk in Arlon

The city of Arlon

The city of Arlon is only a few minutes away from Van der Valk Hotel Luxembourg-Arlon. Stroll through the streets of Arlon and discover the historic center of the city. Be sure to visit the small picturesque villages around Arlon.

More information: Tourist information in Arlon

The Royal Hill

The Royal Hill originally consists of 7 platforms, separated by 3 steps. A tree and a station of the Stations of the Cross each form a platform. In 1735, The Royal Hill was completely rebuilt and had 9 stations of the cross. But after the collapse of the stairs in 1830, a new climb was built, with arches and several terraces. The Way of the Cross has been classified since 1992. The Royal Hill was restored in 2012 and 2013.

Bicycle tour

Take a bike ride in the province of Luxembourg and discover the charming villages in the region: Martelange, Attert, Messancy, Arlon and Aubange are definitely worth a visit!

Concert hall L'Entrepôt

L'Entrepot is a popular concert hall in the province of Luxembourg. Here you can immerse yourself in music and culture. For more information and the program, click here.