Le Toucan 1+2

Toucan 1 and 2 are two multifunctional rooms that are combined into 1 room. The multifunctionality is in the infinite possible setups, extensions and facilities offered. This room is no less than 215m2 and has a balcony, beamer and projection screen, free WiFi and daylight. In addition, there is the possibility to expand your meeting/event with an arrangement tailored to your wishes. Read our brochure for more information.

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Number of persons per room setup

  • U-shape

    43 pers.

  • Boardroom

  • Theater

    186 pers.

  • School

    78 pers.

  • Reception

    209 pers.

  • Gala

    132 pers.

  • Exam

  • Cabaret

  • Carré

    68 pers.

Location facilities

  • HDMI support iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
  • Free parking
  • Overheadprojector
  • Wi-Fi
  • Video conference
  • Heating
  • All-inclusive prices for conferences
  • Separable with baffles
  • Terrace
  • Telephone
  • Writing materials
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Lift
  • Incentive possibilities
  • Free WiFi
  • Sound system with microphone
  • Audio Amplifier for projector
  • Dimensions: at least 360 cm high
  • Boardroom table
  • Desk
  • Bar
  • All meeting rooms are on the same floor
  • Number of conference rooms 10
  • 24-hours reception

Room facilities

  • Surface: 209 m² / 2249.7 ft²
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Balcony
  • Bar
  • Daylight
  • Beamer with projector screen
  • Dimensions: at least 360 cm high
  • Power supply

Optional facilities

  • Lunch package (On request per pulse)
  • Shuttle service (On request per pulse)
  • Extra microphone (On request per pulse)
  • Express Check-in (On request per pulse)
  • Coffee & Cake (On request per pulse)
  • Laser pointer (On request per pulse)
  • Name badges (On request per pulse)
  • Flipchart with paper and markers (On request per pulse)
  • Lectern (On request per pulse)
  • Stage (On request per pulse)
  • Registration table (On request per pulse)
  • Bar/Café (On request per pulse)
  • Lapel microphone (On request per pulse)
  • Other technical equipment (On request per pulse)
  • Coat rack (On request per pulse)
  • DJ per hour (On request per pulse)
  • Dance floor (On request per pulse)
  • HDMI support iPad, iPhone & iPod touch (On request per pulse)
  • Conference Call equipment (On request per pulse)
  • Handheld microphone: (On request per pulse)